YCI Methanol One, LLC (YCI Methanol One) is building and will operate a world scale Air Liquide Mega Methanol® technology plant located in St James Parish, Louisiana on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. The company has its roots back to 2014 when it’s CEO, Dr. Charlie Yao announced ambitious plans to develop a petrochemical complex in the USA based on a Chinese private investment. Since then, over the past several years, the company purchased the land, and has been managing the complex development and construction of the first phase methanol project. On August 23, 2018, YCI Methanol One became a subsidiary of a venture Company between Yuhuang Chemical Industries Inc. (YCII) and Koch Methanol Investments, LLC (Koch Methanol).

YCI Methanol One is currently constructing, and in 2020 will commission and start operations of a $1.85 billion methanol production facility capable of producing about 1.8 million metric tons per year of IMPCA quality methanol.

YCI Methanol One has corporate offices in Houston and site offices at the re-purposed and remodeled St. James High School building in St. James, Louisiana from where the Company manages the construction of the project and in the future its operations.

Dr. Charlie Yao, CEO of YCI Methanol One, believes that “Our success is the result of having a strong core of professionals on our team, SYCC Founder, Mr. Wang’s vision, and the support from SYCC and Koch Methanol and affiliates. Our focus in the execution of our project has always been the safe design, construction and operation of our methanol plant, insuring compliance with environmental regulations.”

Brief overview about the investors’ venture parent companies:

Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co. Ltd. (SYCC):

Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co. Ltd. (SYCC), established in 1986 started out as a small private company manufacturing construction supplies for the local economy in Shandong Province. After numerous restructurings, mergers, and acquisitions, SYCC has grown into a large, private corporation with numerous subsidiaries and more than 5,600 employees. SYCC is ranked as the 398th of Chinese Top 500 Companies in 2018.

For more information about SYCC and its Founder Mr. Jinshu Wang please read attached briefing document, and visit SYCC company website at http://en.yuhuanghuagong.com/

Koch Methanol Investments, LLC (Koch Methanol):

Koch Methanol and its affiliates with offices in China, Houston, TX and Wichita, KS have three roles in the venture:

  • Equity investor.
  • Constructor, owner, and operator of the methanol terminal assets for the storage and global distribution of methanol through all modes of transportation: ocean going vessels, barges, rail, and truck.
  • Marketer of 100% of the on-spec methanol production from the YCI Methanol One facility in St. James, LA.

Please, for more information about Koch Methanol, LLC visit their website at www.kochmethanol.com.

Brief overview of what we are doing in St. James Parish, LA:

YCI Methanol One is proud to have selected St. James Parish, LA for developing its petrochemical business and a mega-methanol project. Listed below are some of the many advantages for this site:

  • Access for large-scale project development
  • Strong industrial support provided from Louisiana Department of Economic Development
  • World class industrial infrastructure
    • Natural Gas pipelines in the vicinity,
    • Access to Industrial gases, and
    • World Class transportation infrastructure,
      • The Mississippi River provides water capability for domestic and international shipments,
      • Access to the Union Pacific rail, and
      • State Highways capable of handling industrial transport carriers
  • Local skilled, knowledgeable and experienced construction workforce to support the project
  • Knowledgeable local workforce to operate the manufacturing plant safely and efficiently.
  • Positive business environment, and support from the community and elected officials

When the methanol plant is completed, the St. James YCI Methanol One plant will have over 100 permanent employees for operations and a similar number of contract employees for maintenance and non-regular activities. After the methanol plant is completed, the investors plan to continue evaluating a multi-phase strategy, developing the 1,300 acre site into a world-class chemical manufacturing complex. Eventually, the complex will employ several hundred employees.

Brief overview of the project development history:

At the time of initiating the development of the project (2014), it was the largest green field foreign direct investment by a Chinese company in the US.

YCI Methanol One prides itself in that SYCC’s Founder Mr. Wang, YCI Methanol One’s CEO, Dr. Charlie Yao, and YCI Methanol One Staff have delivered on their promises, achieving numerous important milestones.

  • In 2014 the CEO of YCI Methanol One, Dr. Charlie Yao, set the foundations for the company selecting the site, signing a License Agreement with Air Liquide for a 4950 Metric Tons per day Mega-Methanol plant, contracting the Basic Engineering Agreement with Foster Wheeler, and negotiating a 20 years agreement for the Oxygen/Nitrogen supply for the plant with Air Liquide. Also YCI Methanol One signed a contract with Worley Parsons for the supply of managers and staff to integrate the Integrated Project Management Team (IPMT).
  • In 2015, YCI Methanol One continued to achieve major milestones; secured the Air Permit required to build the project, purchased the site, purchased St. James Parish High School, contracted with Air Liquide the Detail Engineering for the project, contracted for 20 years with Williams (Transco Pipeline) the firm Gas transportation of the Natural Gas for the project, and signed with AMEC Foster Wheeler the EPC contract on a reimbursable basis. In September 2015, SYCC Founder, Mr. Wang, joined Dr. Charlie Yao and other dignitaries and guests at the Official Groundbreaking Ceremony for the YCI-M1 Louisiana Methanol Project. For a featured interview of Mr. Wang with China Central Television (CCTV) please click here
  • In 2016 and 2017 YCI Methanol One continued developing the project and started the clearing and preparation of the site. In March 2017 the Company achieved a major milestone after securing an $800 Million loan with the Bank of China and a syndicate of Chinese banks. Thereafter, YCI Methanol One focused on preparing the site, performing the extensive piling required as part of the plant foundations, building the Marine Offloading Dock used to bring by barge all major equipment, and engaged in a JV agreement with Plains Company to build, own, and operate a deep water marine dock, built as an extension of Plains existing dock. YCI Methanol One also secured a long term electric supply contract for the project with Entergy.
  • On August 23, 2018 YCI Methanol One, LLC (YCI Methanol One) became a subsidiary of a venture company owned by Yuhuang Chemical Industries Inc. (YCII) and Koch Methanol Investments, LLC (Koch Methanol). By the end of year 2018, most of the equipment was delivered at site. Later in the year, the construction of the project contracted with Wood/Amec/Foster Wheeler continued to advance at full speed.
  • • Years 2019 and part of 2020 will be deployed to finalize construction of the project and start operations. In early 2020 the project the plant being constructed will move into commissioning, and is expected to be operational in the 4th quarter 2020.