The YCI Methanol One methanol complex is scheduled to start operations in late 2020 and will produce about 1.8 million metric tons per year of IMPCA-quality methanol. The facility has been designed to allow four modes of product distribution: truck, rail, barge and ocean vessel.

State-of-the-art truck and rail terminals are being built adjacent to the methanol plant. A marine dock has been built on the Mississippi River. The dock will give YCI Methanol One the capability of loading 10,000-barrel and 30,000-barrel barges, as well as typical ocean-going vessels used in the methanol industry to distribute the product in the U.S. and globally.

Koch Methanol has the exclusive off-take rights for all methanol produced at YCI Methanol One. For further information regarding YCI methanol supply, please visit Koch Methanol’s website at