Plant Production:

YCI Methanol One first phase project (YCIM1) will be producing methanol which will meet the specifications of the International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association (IMPCA).

Please refer to the IMPCA website at for the most recent IMPCA methanol specifications.

YCIM1 plant has been designed, and is being built using Air Liquide Lurgi Mega Methanol® Technology. The technology has been developed for world-scale methanol plants capable of producing more than one million metric tons of methanol a year and has been already proven in other fourteen plants globally.

The first step to produce methanol at the YCI Methanol One plant is to generate syngas (a gas composed mainly of CO, CO2, and H2) from natural gas, oxygen and steam, all processed in the steam-reforming and autothermal reforming units.

The second step in the process is to convert the syngas produced in the reforming units into methanol in the methanol reactor.

Finally, in the third step the methanol produced in the methanol synthesis process undergoes a distillation process to produce the IMPCA, high quality methanol.

The diagram below shows a simplified block process diagram of the Lurgi Mega Methanol Process showing the Oxygen based Reforming, 2-stage methanol synthesis (Water Cooled Reactor and Gas Cooled Reactor), and 3-column distillation.

Methanol production diagram

Global methanol demand and uses:

Current the global methanol demand is about 75 Million Metric Tons per year with a projected year-on-year growth of 3-5% per year. Over 60% of the global consumption is in NE Asia, with about 9% demand in USA and 10% in West Europe. The estimated methanol demand in USA in year 2018 has been about 7 Million metric tons.

Methanol uses fall into three major applications: About 40% of the traditional use is in the chemical business to produce Formaldehyde, Acetic Acid, Methyl Methacrylate, about 15% in the MTO/MTP plants to produce Ethylene, Propylene and their derivatives, and about 45% in fuel applications such as MTBE, DME, biodiesel production and gasoline blending.

For more information about methanol, please visit the Methanol Institute’s web page at and the IMPCA’s web page at

Production Distribution:

YCI Methanol One project has been designed, and is being built, in order to provide the four modes of distribution: Truck, Rail, Barge and Ocean Vessels.

State of the art truck and rail terminals will be built adjacent to the methanol plant. A marine dock is currently being built on the Mississippi river, with four loading arms connected to four storage tanks. The dock will give YCI Methanol One the capability of loading 10K and 30K barrel barges as well as typical ocean-going vessels used in the Methanol industry to distribute the product in USA and globally.

Koch Methanol LLC has the exclusive off-take rights for all the methanol produced at YCI Methanol One, LLC facility. For further information regarding YCI methanol supply, please visit Koch’s web page at: