In 2013 SYCC’s Founder, Mr. Jinshu Wang had the vision to build a world scale chemical complex at a site in USA in partnership with an outstanding partner. Through the leadership of YCI Methanol One CEO, Dr. Charlie Yao such ambitious vision is being implemented. Today, the first phase of a chemical complex is being built, and the company has ventured with the Koch Methanol establishing a solid foundation for growth and opportunities, to the community, to its employees and shareholders.

YCI Methanol One charter, is through its Integrated Project Management Team, Employees, Licensors and Contractors to design, build and operate the most competitive world-scale methanol plant with highest focus on achieving zero harm to people and zero environmental incidents.

YCI Methanol One’s mission is to be a world class leading supplier of methanol. Our core values include providing excellent customer service through world class operations and continuous development of innovative solutions. We strive to be a reliable supplier of methanol with a focus on social responsibility. We will invest in our employees, providing a safe workplace while protecting the environment.

The Company aims to produce in a predictable and very competitive manner IMPCA quality methanol, and as a result, in coordination with YCI Methanol One exclusive distributor, Koch Methanol, deliver safely, reliably and competitively IMPCA quality methanol to our end customers globally.